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The Value of Preparing for Home Fires – How to Prepare & Plan

The fire damage restoration professionals from Paul Davis know how serious house fires are. Not only can house fires eradicate your home and personal belongings, but they are emotionally jarring and make you feel insecure. Fires can occur in a matter of minutes and can be generated by lots of things, and they can be out of your control like your neighbor’s house being on fire or natural disasters. However, there are still a few precautions you can implement to minimize the dangers of a house fire in your home.

The Emphasis of Fire Escape Strategies

Safety has to be the number one priority when getting ready for a house fire, and smoke alarms and fire extinguishers should be located throughout the home. Smoke alarms are fundamental because a fire can spring out of the blue and you need to take action as fast as possible. Another thing to think about with smoke alarms is buying ones that can catch smoke caused by electrical fires. Lastly, any children residing in the house need to be taught about how a smoke alarm sounds when it‘s triggered and what to do when it occurs.

Then get your fire escape routes ready. Every member in the home needs to know two ways to get out from each room and where to meet outside when a fire occurs. Additionally, make sure that all members of the household know how to call 911 in the case of a house fire.

Also, it’s an excellent idea to create replicas digitally of valuable documents like birth certificates, and you should consider a strong box to store them in. Make a list of your personal belongings as well in case they are consumed by the flames. Either prepare a list or take pictures or videos to document your things.

Things to Think About to Lessen Home Fire Hazards

While some fires aren’t preventable, there are a few things you can do to decrease the probability of a fire from developing in your home:

  • Smoking: Cigarettes and cigars are serious risks for fire, and smoking outside is the finest approach to prevent a house fire. When you smoke indoors, make sure you have ashtrays with deep walls and that you never smoke in bed or while you’re lethargic. Additionally, never smoke indoors if someone in the house is on oxygen because this is highly combustible.
  • Children: Kids are curious and fire is exciting for them, so teach your children that fire is not something to play with. Also, keep lighter and matches in a secure area that is out of sight and out of reach.
  • Fireplaces: Creosote is extremely combustible and it builds up in your fireplace and chimney after it’s been in use, so make sure to get your fireplace cleaned regularly. Obtaining a large, durable screen is also imperative to prevent sparks from entering the room and rolling logs.
  • Portable Heaters: Check that your heater has a thermostat and a control mechanism, and it needs to turn off if the heater falls over on its side.
  • Appliances and Electrical: Make sure to do a routine examination on your appliances and make sure the cords and plugs are in working condition. Also, when switches for your lights are hot to the touch, then you need to switch them out.
  • Cooking: It’s crucial to be aware in the kitchen and to not ignore food being cooked alone. Always have somebody there to keep an eye on what’s going on.

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